Tips For Stopping Snoring

If you snore at night, you might be embarrassed by that fact or your partner might have issues falling asleep beside you. Snoring could also point to a more serious health problem, such as sleep apnea. Here are some tips for stopping snoring if you have gone to a doctor and he or she said […]

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Debunking The Biggest Myths Senior Citizens Tend To Have About Hearing Aids

If you live with an elderly relative who has a hard time hearing, it can be pretty frustrating to try to effectively communicate with them because they cannot hear what you are saying. Unfortunately, senior citizens are commonly resistant to the idea of getting hearing aids at all, which means no matter how much you […]

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Allergic Sinusitis: 4 Drug-Free Ways To Find Relief

Sinusitis is a term generally used to describe inflammation of the sinuses. If you experience sinus pain and pressure due to seasonal nasal allergies, you may be inclined to try over-the-counter decongestants. However, some individuals experience side effects from using oral decongestants, such as elevated blood pressure or insomnia. If you are looking for a […]

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Three Thyroid Treatments, Prescribed By Level Of Severity And When You May Need Each

If you have recently been to see an ENT Specialist, and he or she has referred you to an endocrinologist because of something amiss with your thyroid, you may be wondering what is going on. You may even be a little bit worried, given that thyroid cancer is a very real disease, and people do […]

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